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Responsive Web Design

Technology is changing in the 21st century and you need to have your website created in modern code which is called Responsive Web Design. This kind of website  allows not only mobile compatibility for all the people using smartphones, but it also formats  to tablets, laptops, PCs and smart TVs as well.

responsivedesignsOur goal as a company is to stay on top of what’s new and of interest to our clients and potential clients. Because of this, we design our websites utilizing Responsive Web Design. What that means is that no matter what medium accesses your website, be it a smart phone, tablet, smart TV, desktop or laptop computer, your website will show up in a professional and easily navigable format. There is nothing worse than pulling up a website that doesn’t show up on your phone or tablet and trying to navigate or even read the text. In this day and age, people will just give up and move on to the next website that will work for them.

Not only that, but Google has publicly announced that they are going to support websites designed in Responsive Web Design. Search engine optimization is a complicated project and you want every bit of help you can have.

I want to show you how cool it looks and what it does.

topright← Make sure your browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) is not maximized. Take your mouse and grab the right side of the browser and pull it towards the left making it smaller and smaller. Watch how the website automatically changes and fits to the size of the screen. Stop when it is about the size of an iPad or tablet and then keep dragging it left until you get to the size of a cell phone and watch the site adjust.

Most professional web designers don’t even know this technology, yet it is so cutting edge that Google has publicly announced that they will be supporting all websites made with this technology over the older technology or any antiquated ways websites were built.

This is huge for web design, in our opinion, because this means when “we” build you a new site with Responsive Web Design, that you will fare better than another in your category in the search engines.

The Responsive Web Design guarantees you that your site will fit any smart phone, tablet, smart TV, laptop or PC professionally and makes your website device neutral. We, at Twin Rivers Communications, can build this kind of site for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

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