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QR Codes & Interactive Business Cards

QR Code Marketing

QR Codes (stands for “Quick Response”) are an excellent means to connect consumers to your products and services. QR Codes have been proven to have an extremely high conversion ratio. QR Codes allow for mobile phone users to immediately interact with your company. You will always want to place QR Codes on your print advertising and business cards to achieve the maximum exposure.

QR Codes provide a direct link to the online world. This allows the engagement of consumers in a quick and positive way. You can give simple information such as your contact details, product descriptions or a direct link to your website to special types of promotions such as sales, coupons  or anything you can show inside of a web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Twin Rivers Communications will assist you in planning your QR Code marketing strategy and create for you the custom QR Codes you need. Contact us today to get started.


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What is an interactive business card?

An Interactive Business Card is a 21st century, technology-driven business card that has instant interactions with your clients and potential clients. The old business cards of the 20th century have become relics as technology changes and interactive marketing takes hold. An interactive business card contains a QR Code or Quick Response Code Matrix Barcode that allows people to scan it with their smartphones, and tablet devices using a code reader and it instantly loads up your Responsive Web Design website that we’ve built for you.

In other words, the days of handing out your business card, hoping someone takes it home and looks up your website are long gone. Due to the growing market of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, you are now able to hand someone your interactive business card and have them scan the QR Code on the card. Instantly, in your presence, they will pull up your Responsive Web Design website with all your products and/or services. This allows you to instantly direct them towards the areas that you want. You just can’t beat instant gratification in this day and age.

The potential of interactive business cards is unlimited. We can specially build you a promotional page if you are running promotions, discounts, or coupons and have your interactive business card pointed towards that information. Interactive business cards combine the old concept of business cards with the new changing technology of QR Codes, smartphones, tablets and all other mobile devices.Interactive business cards

This is what is meant by “Interactive Business Card.” You have a Responsive Web Design website with a modern business card that allows the public instant access to all your products and services from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. With this type of cutting edge technology, only the sky is the limit.