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Website Monthly Maintenance Plan

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October 16, 2015
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October 21, 2015
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Website Monthly Maintenance Plan

Twin Rivers Communications

Website Monthly Maintenance Plan is highly recommended in 2015 and beyond. In today’s world hackers and even foreign government are trying to hack into any website they come across. We at Twin Rivers Communications are constantly fending off hackers for the other side of the world. You might think, why would they care about my little business?  For them they do not look at it that way. These hackers have multiple reason to be hacking American Companies. Some of these foreign government alone are on the constant prowl let alone your garden variety hackers looking to make a buck with your private information.

Website Monthly Maintenance Plan is a smart investment. When you host with Twin Rivers Communications you have someone constantly monitoring your online presence with security backups to protect you from catastrophic data loss and malicious threats. We also monitor your software updates. Websites today are just like your operating system at home, they are constantly needing software update. However, so you need and some you do not. Some of these update can cause devastating results and you need to be repaired.


Website Monthly Maintenance Plan is worth every cent. Keeping your website backend and software up-to-date can help prevent website problems and conflicts that might cause your site to go down. Letting your website go without updates can cause serious problems down the road. We can help with your peace of mind by maintaining your website for you.

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Our monthly maintenance program covers some of the most common issues needed for most websites.

  • U.S.A. Based Support
  • Upgrading Your CMS Platform
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Consistent Evaluations for Constructive Improvements
  • Regular Offsite Server Backups
  • Minor Website Content Updates
  • Thorough Security Scans
  • Comprehensive Managed Hosting
  • Website Optimization

Included in our Website Monthly Maintenance Plan  are weekly backups and constant monitoring for security and performance issues. We offer software for your website that has real-time blocking of well known site attackers and will immediately block the attacker before they can cause any problems. Your site is also scanned for fake bots and malicious scans from hackers and botnets. Your site will be continuously scanned for malware and phishing URL’s and so much more.