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July 2015 Virus Removal

Twin Rivers Communications

July 2015 Virus Removal the who, what and where of Merritt Island Computer Service  for professional in-home computer help?  Twin Rivers Communications 321-578-8133 based on Merritt Island, Florida serving Brevard County’s Space Coast of Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and the surrounding areas is the answer. In the 21th Century the world of computers is a whole new thing. This is not your grandfather’s computer to say the least. In today’s modern computer age one must try to keep up.

July 2015 Virus Removal, Slow Computer, Spyware, Email, Downloading pictures, Learn Windows 8.1 (Lesson) Computer Troubleshooting and so much more.We come to you. We will set up your computer including your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and more. We install  software, set up your printer, configure your  e-mail account and test your PC for proper functionality and also install latest anti virus software.

Today’s world of computer troubleshooting using mobile techs that come to you, the old axiom applies, you get what you pay for. Twin Rivers Communications is a licensed company in Brevard County with many years of experience and we are a proud member of The Chamber of Commerce.



While fixing what is wrong with your computer, we also do on the spot diagnostics and recommend to you any changes that could help you and your computer perform better. We also provide one on one in-home computer lessons for beginners and computer savvy alike.

We provide a professional computer tech to come to you and help you with software issues.If you are in the market for a new career or just want to learn the latest software give us a call. Your computer is your representative that connects you to the broad world out there.

Take the time to browse through our website to see all of the services we provide. One on one in-home computer lessons and so much more are now just a phone call away.





* Computer lessons available to learn Windows 8

*  We will transfer your data files to your new computer
* Installation can take hours. Why not leave it to the experts?

Since 1998

We are a proud member of The Chamber of Commerce. ( avoid fly by nights )

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