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September 23, 2015
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September 28, 2015
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Domains Are Expanding

Twin Rivers Communications

Domains Are Expanding and opening up. We are now passed the old days of the internet where people are trying to find some .Com to fit their needs. Years ago .Com, .Net,and .Org were the only choices and other people would buy up the addresses only to resale it back to you for some insane price.Today what comes after your dot does not matter anymore in SEO and the choices are expanding all the time.

Twin Rivers Communications has stayed on the cutting edge of all things online since 1998. Based out of Merritt Island, Florida in Brevard County’s Space Coast TRC is your one stop shop for all of your internet needs. When it comes to the subject of domains what comes after your dot does not mean anything when it comes to SEO. It is what you do online for your SEO that matters. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what matters in 2015 on the internet. How you handle your website is the key. What kind of website it is matters. Having a mobile friendly website gets you more exposure compared to having an old site. Blogging and social media mean the world today on search engines when it comes to your rankings on Google and people’s ability to find you.

Keeping up with the changing times with online markets is complicated. You have a business to run. You have a life to lead and following the latest trends in information technology can be overwhelming. That is where Twin Rivers Communications comes in. Hire us to know what is going on online from day to day, so you do not have to spend your time figuring it all out. The IT world is a ever changing, fast moving world of ideas, concepts and implementation. Let TRC take care of all of your online needs from backing up all your data in the cloud to protecting you from the latest hackers tricks.