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Space Coast Affordable Website Design
August 3, 2015
Twin Rivers Communications
August 2015 Resume Services
August 5, 2015
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August 2015 Website Designs

Twin Rivers Communications

August 2015 Website Designs that are mobile friendly are found here at Twin Rivers Communications 321-578-8133. Why a Merritt Island Web Designer? With all of the different choice out there why hire a Merritt island Web Designer? Well the answer to that is simple. Because you want the best. Merritt Island is an affluent island and community that out shines the towns around it. By nearly every conceivable metric Merritt Island is above the county, state and national averages. So when it comes to web designers they are no different, they are above average.

Now that we have established that all things Merritt Island is superior, now let us look at the particular web designer that owns the website you are now reading. Her name is Bernadine Walker and she grew up in Florida’s Space Coast and because of that you want her looking at the different  options that will fit your particular wants and needs for a site.

Mrs. Bernadine Walker is a 21st  Century marketer that utilizes  online tools in the mobile age to benefit you. Industry in Florida has trusted Bernadine for years to handle their online needs and so can you. Now you can hire her directly to sell your products and services and cut out the middlemen.

When hiring a web designer and marketer to sell your brand two things are more important than anything else. One is it best to hire a proven salesperson that has an award-winning and successful sales career. Two, you need a modern information technology person that understands how to market your goods and services online in the 21st century alongside the traditional ways. Whether it is integrating Social Networking properly or connecting people’s smartphones to the sale of your brand, Bernadine is the one the industry turns to and hires to get that done.

On top of being a web designer she is also a Realtor, so if you need to buy or sell a home in Merritt Island call her. Bernadine of course owns this information technology and marketing firm along with her husband Rich. TRC has been providing online and marketing solutions since 1998. Her marketing company is a proud member of The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce and was nominated for Business Champion of The Year.  The combination of marketing expertise and being a Realtor who grew up on Brevard County’s Space Coast, makes Bernadine and Twin Rivers Communications your obvious choice.